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onsdag 5 augusti 2015

Utter på film

Eduardo Medina såg en utter för första gången och lyckades filma den. Eduardo såguttern 300 meter norrut Västmanlands mittpunkt i måndags 2015-08-03.

torsdag 23 oktober 2014

autumn 2014 activities report

During the last two months we have had an active club with 5 events.
72 people from almost 14 countries joined us and celebrated the beautiful autumn in Sweden.
We were on Mälaren in kayaks and Canoes twice,

on the ropes and zipline (Björnö höghödsbana) once,

went around Björnö

and picked mushrroms and learned about them in the woods around Erikslund.

On Friday we will do our last planned activity for this season which is the 25 km walk from Skultuna Church back to Västerås on a trekking path called Bruksleden.
Thank you all for your smiles, good moods and participation.
See you soon for winder and spring activities.
MDH Hiking Club

tisdag 26 augusti 2014

New Start in 2014

Hi all,
It feels like the requirements for a new start of th eHiking Club are in place.
We have already four events posted on our FaceBook group and tomorrow in Kåren during the mingel dinner, we will be informing about hiking club, its history, its equipments and the coming plans.
Welcome to join us.
Best Regards
MDH Hiking Club (Constance, Shahab and Mahgol)

fredag 25 januari 2013

Hunting in Sweden

Hi dear nature lovers!
Today by chance I met a friend of a friend who is a hunter!
I asked him if he can give us a half day introduction about hunting in Sweden.
just wanted to know how many of you are intrested. He did not promis any thing but if you guys are intrested then I will try to find some other resources to get such an event going.
Please let us know what you think.
MDH Hiking Club

Rookie Hike 2013-02-02

Hi everybody! Old and new Members!

Happy New Semester!

On Saturday the 2nd we will go to Björnö, an island near Västerås. There we will go for a walk, ice skate and go sledging. We will have a small bbq as well -Yes we BBQ in winter too!- before taking shelter at the café there.
The aim of this activity will be to present you the Hiking Club and how you can get involve, at the same time we will show you that weather is not a hinder to enjoy the outdoor life in Sweden! And of course it is an opportunity to meet others!

How to get there?
It is possible to walk there or bike but then you should leave quite early.
Bus number 15 in the direction of 'öster mälarstrand' goes there. you should get out at 'stadsträdgården' From there it is a short walk to Björnö.
Here is the timetable:
We will meet at 10:20 at the train station so you can get your bus ticket. (you're more than welcome to buy it before)

What to bring?
WARM clothes! If you got ski pants and jackets, that's great!
Think like an onion! Put layers on!
Don't forget your hat and gloves. And warm socks!!
Bring a snack and water.
Bring a pair of ice skates!
You can buy cheap ones at the 2nd hand shops in town like myrorna! They cost around 75 crowns.
It is possible to rent some at Team Sportia. They are located in Igor, the shopping center on Vasagatan.

What NOT to bring?
We will take care of the BBQ. So you don't need to bring anything. :) Please send me a pm if you are vegetarian or don't eat pork so I get an idea of how much food I'll need to buy.
We will bring the sledges as well.

onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Alla helgons dag (All Saints Day) Saturday Nov 3

Hi all
This is not something which you want to miss!
On Saturday evening there willbe at least one cancle or somekind of light on almost all graves in Sweden. Amazing view in the grave yards.
I think we start our trip from school (point A). walk to the church near (point B) then we walk back to the city go by the grave yard near school and river and then finish our trip in the grave yard near point C.
It says 8 km but count on 10 km. 3 hours. because we would stay in each and every point to OBSERVE and take pictures.
We can start at 15:00 to make sure we get the chance to see the moon which is appear 71% on Saturday and see the lights in the dark.
warm clothes and good humor and some snacks. Candles if you want to contribute would be very proper.
Please read about ot ask about the traditions in Sweden how to act in a grave yard so that we do not do anything insulting. There will be a lot of local people in each grave yard.
looking forward to see you.
MDH Hking CLUB (Mahgol)

fredag 5 oktober 2012

Detective administrative fun work

We want a list of all our activities from 2007 till now with date and route; with the name of people who have taken part in it and their nationalities. If there is a group picture from the activity it should also be attached.

(there is a good example of it in our blogspot which is called "history")

This will be a work you do once and you keep doing till you leave Sweden. so you should continue recording the upcoming activities as well.

And this work will not be for free. It does not mean you get paid in cash but somehow we will show you our appriciation.

And this appriciation will be discussed from the begining so that you don't get too suprized or disappointed at the end!

Apply for the work by sending a comment to this post with your telephone number and I will get back to you.


(Of course you can be a group of people who like to do it together)